What ties our unique collection together is our commitment to helping our clients develop distinctive properties. While in some cases, the materials required to fulfill the project's vision are not difficult to procure, in many cases, specialized sourcing, manufacturing, or finishing is required. In either case, we work with our supply partners, in consultation with our clients, to select the optimal products to meet their needs. And throughout all our engagements Beere Timber Company offers decades of industry expertise and valuable engineering consulting on every project.

We specialize in forest products from the Pacific Northwest.

  • Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Hemlock.

  • Architectural Log & Turned Columns

  • Timber

  • Glulam

  • T&G Decking and Panelling

  • Sofitts

  • Facia

  • Exterior Siding

  • Decking

We are architectural and engineered wood products procurement specialists. Specializing in timber frame packages with a focus on large scale architectural projects. 

Whether you're a building professional building a single high-end house or a resort property for thousands, we'll pull all the architectural building materials together for you. When your job demands sourcing premium quality products Beere Timber Company is your place to go.


We specialize in custom cut green and kiln dried coastal Douglas Fir, Western Red and Yellow Cedar from the Pacific Northwest. Sized and surfaced to your specifications.

Beere Timber Company began as a supplier of high-grade, custom-cut kiln-dried timber to developers and builders of custom homes and commercial properties.

Today, our specialty remains the sourcing, preparation, and delivery of large timbers—those anchor pieces that truly contribute to custom properties’ celebration of the natural landscape.

We specialize in coastal Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar; however, we also deliver Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar, and Hemlock. Most architectural timbers are ordered in custom sizes, and we cut on ¼” increments. Please call us to learn how we can meet your specific needs.

Kiln-Dried Timbers
Over time, the largest timbers will always crack or check as they dry. This is caused by the drying process occurring more rapidly toward the outer edges of the timber than in the middle.

Drying timbers in a Radio Frequency / Vacuum kiln eliminates this problem by drying the wood at a uniform rate throughout the timber.

To ensure that you receive the best possible product, we cut our timber oversize (to allow for shrinkage and movement in the kiln), then resaw to straighten before running through our planer.

Other textures include band sawn and circular sawn; just call us to learn more about how we can meet your specific needs.



Nothing reflects the natural landscape as well as a natural timber. Maintaining the natural shape and size of a tree within the architecture can mirror the landscape that surrounds a property, or introduce a natural influence in a contemporary space.

We deliver a range of logs and turned columns, finished to our clients’ specifications.

Architectural Lathe Turned Columns
The smooth, sanded finish of a lathe-turned column is an increasingly common feature in today's green building designs.

We specialize in Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar, but we can deliver other coastal soft woods, and other species, including hard woods.


Logs are inspected and selected with care, and then hand-peeled using a draw knife. By avoiding mechanical methods of removing bark, we are able to retain the natural beauty of the wood.


Beginning from an intact, fully bark-covered log, pressure-washing can produce the most natural-looking structural timbers. By leaving the natural shape of the tree intact, knots and natural bends in the wood are left to show in the finished product



Custom Interior Finishing Materials
The interior of a custom property presents countless opportunities to carry the natural tones and textures of wood throughout the property.

Interior finishing materials, including stock and custom run mouldings, flooring, and ceiling paneling are available in the following species and grades:


  • Flat and Vertical Grain Clear Fir
  • Vertical Grain Clear Hemlock
  • Mixed Grain Clear Cedar
  • Knotty Pine

Interior T&G Paneling

  • Select (Knotty) Fir
  • Mixed and Vertical Grain Clear Fir
  • Mixed Grain Clear Cedar
  • Select (Knotty) Spruce/Pine

Interior T&G Flooring

  • Select Knotty Fir
  • Mixed and Vertical Grain Clear Fir

Custom Exterior Finishing
Outside, the finishing materials that clad a custom property must be ready to face the elements.

The natural longevity of Cedar, with its inherent preservatives, is the ideal material for a look that will withstand both the elements and the test of time. Cedar’s range of hue and texture can also resonate a rustic charm, imply prestige, or span every style in between.

We maintain an inventory of standard siding profiles, ready for immediate delivery. However, we often deliver to custom specifications, including custom pre-staining—before the materials are shipped to the job site.


Lock-Deck® Laminated Decking
Lock-Deck™ is a structurally engineered product of two to five kiln-dried lumber laminations bonded together with an exterior waterproof adhesive to form glue-laminated decking.

The decking is used for ceilings and roofs, as well as for balconies, mezzanines and floors. With Lock-Deck™, extraordinary designs can be created for homes, churches, offices and other structures.

Lock-Deck™ is commonly used in Heavy Timber construction as well as wood frame and hybrid systems.

Random length and long length (fingerjointed) decking, plus a variety of face patterns, textures and finishes broaden design possibilities.

Lock-Deck™ laminated decking provides a strong, dimensionally stable decking with all the beauty and warmth of natural wood.

Solid Wood Decking
Beere Timber Company Decking provides a solid permanent roof deck with good insulating properties and a handsome, ready-to-finish interior ceiling. Roof decking is especially suited for use with post and beam timbers or glue laminated beams where application is quick and easy. It serves as an excellent base for any roofing material. It is available in species, grade and sizes suitable for both residential and commercial construction.

Beere Timber Company Select Decking is ideally suited for exposed ceiling areas in homes, schools, churches, motels and restaurants, wherever attractive surface appearance is important.

Lumber of this grade is recommended for high class construction where strength and fine appearance is required. Knots and other characteristics which add to the decorative character of the piece are permitted. Beere Timber Company Select Decking is graded under para. 127b of National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) rules (equivalent to WCLB 16 Rules) and conforms to the requirements of the Canadian National Building Code for heavy timber decking as well as the AlTC "Standards for Tongue and Groove Heavy Timber Roof Decking".

Beere Timber Company Commercial Decking is suitable for use in warehouses, service stations and other structures where appearance is not a prime factor.

Decking of this grade is recommended and customarily used for the same purposes as the higher (Select) grade when appearance and strength requirements are not as critical. Beere Timber Company Commercial Decking is graded under para 127c of National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) rules (equivalent to WCLIB 16 Rules) and conforms to the requirements of the Canadian National Building Code for heavy timber decking as well as to ALTC "Standards for Tongue and Groove Heavy Timber Roof Decking".


Veneer Decking
We provide some of the highest quality vertical grain Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock wood veneer to the most demanding markets throughout the world. The many different products manufactured are tailored to fit the requirements of our customers.

Many of our projects complement natural timbers with advanced engineered wood products such as Glulam. Glulam maintains the aesthetic appeal of natural wood, while also eliminating potentially weak structural imperfections such as knots that occur in timber beams.

We deliver custom Polyurethane ‘clear’ glue and Resourcinol ‘dark’ glue Glulam for a diverse range of structural and decorative applications. Standard and custom sizes and shapes are available.

Cross Laminated Timber
Cross Laminated Timber or CLT is the green choice for schools, health care facilities, public buildings, commercial buildings, and multi-family housing because of its cross-layered construction, reduced carbon footprint and ready to assemble system. CLT is a state of the art, solid panel that is ideal for floor, wall and roof systems.

Engineered Floor Systems
Manufactured to maximize the natural strength and structural characteristic of wood and to use our forests more efficiently, these high performance floor systems are premium quality and a competitively priced alternative to traditional floor systems.

Glulam is a stress-rated engineered wood product comprised of wood laminations that are bonded together with strong, waterproof adhesives.

The ability for glulam to be manufactured in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and configurations makes this great option for application in a variety of residential and commercial structures. The strength and durability of glulam beams make them a great choice when bridging large open spaces, vaulted ceiling designs and much more.


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