Veteran Craig Beere is what distinguishes Beere Timber Company from most other building product companies. With four decades of industry experience that started in his teens working in a lumberyard, Craig has consulted on projects of immense scope and cost, for top architects like Frank Gehry Partners LLP and in countries around the world.

Beere Timber Company also retains a group of industry veterans who have spent decades focused on timber and associated construction methods.

On many projects, Beere Timber is engaged by architects, engineers, pro-builders, and even timber-framing specialists to lend our expert advice and insights on complex projects.

Working together with them, we contribute to their projects’ success, providing comprehensive expertise, borne of years of experience working in the building supply industry.

Call on us to consult on…

  • Timber specification and selection
  • Material usage recommendations & practices
  • Materials procurement, logistics (including global freight management), and care


Our range of products is continually evolving and growing. What ties our unique collection together is our commitment to helping our clients develop distinctive properties. While in some cases the materials required to fulfill the project's vision are not difficult to procure, in many cases, specialized sourcing, manufacturing, or finishing is required. In either case we work with our supply partners, in consultation with our clients, to select the optimal products to meet their needs. And throughout all our engagements Beere Timber Company offers decades of industry expertise and valuable engineering consulting on every project.

Beere Timber Company began as a supplier of high-grade, custom-cut kiln-dried timber to developers and builders of custom homes and commercial properties. Today, our specialty remains the sourcing, preparation, and delivery of large timbers—those anchor pieces that truly contribute to custom properties’ celebration of the natural landscape.

We specialize in coastal Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar; however, we also deliver Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar, and Hemlock. Most architectural timbers are ordered in custom sizes, and we cut on ¼” increments. Please call us to learn how we can meet your specific needs.






Besides our consulting service and collection of specialized products, we bring the following support services to every project we engage in:

  • Detailed review of architectural and structural drawings
  • Consultation with the architect, engineer and the builder to further understand desired outcomes, project parameters, and custom solutions requirements
  • Project scoping, including detailed drawings of custom joinery and timber-frame connection solutions, and a materials list with pricing
  • Material sourcing, acquisition or manufacture, processing and custom-cutting
  • Each piece keyed/labeled to plan for easy handling and assembly

Our transportation and logistics expertise, together with our knowledge of Canadian export issues assures our clients that all requirements are met, and that materials are always packed, loaded and safely transported and delivered to the build site.

Engaging Beere Timber Company on your project assures that you will be working with a seasoned team of construction experts who are as passionate about building landmarks and legacies as you are.


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